Shenandoah at the Arbor Fine Southern Dining
Q: Can we bring in our own decorations?
A: Yes, we allow centerpieces, but discourage confetti and balloons as it is breezy here and they tend to get in the way. We do allow table runners, and some other types of decorations, but please be sure to go over this when booking.

Q: Can we hang a banner?
A: Yes, we need advanced notice to be sure you are seated where there is space to hang a small to medium sized banner.

Q: Can we get a gift table?
A: Yes, but we also pull up a park bench often for gifts. And if an extra table is needed for favors, guest book, etc. We can supply one.

Q: What is a typical time line for a lunch banquet given that it is a 2-hour time limit?
A: As soon as the guests arrive and are seated, the drink orders are taken, your server will let the kitchen know that everyone has arrived, and they can start preparing the entrees. Typically, the entrees are delivered around the half hour point, lunch will take around 20 minutes to eat, and then dessert is served. This typically leaves around an hour to open gifts.

Q: Can you make suggestions to be sure we fit into the time line?
A: Because we have your guest orders ahead of time, it eliminates having to do this on the day of the event, so this is a time saver. If you play a game, doing it at the beginning gives your guests a reason to get everyone seated. At the end of the event, suggest your guests grab their purses/belongings and take pictures on the bridge or out front by the sign.

Q: What’s the better time? The 11:00 time slot or the 2:00 time slot for a lunch event?
A: The 11:00 is great for the parking situation because we open at 11:00, and the parking lot is typically empty, the 2:00 could perhaps have a bit more privacy as the restaurant stops seating at 3:00, and the 2:00 events are scheduled until 4:00.

Q: What about the dinner time slots? What’s the difference between 5:00 or 7:30?
A: We open at 5:00, so not only will you have better luck finding parking, but we may not be busy for the first hour (depending) which may result in more time without other guests seated near your party.

Q: Are the banquets “private?”
A: Typically, no. We have a small room that seats comfortably 16. Otherwise, a complete buy out of the restaurant is the only time an event is private.

Q: Do you have suggestions for parking?
A: We recommend you insert in your invitations the following suggestions: “Allow time to find parking, &/or carpool if possible.” There is street parking and a parking lot behind the restaurant.

Please see our Banquet Menu for a complete selection of lunch and dinner offerings as well as detailed information about hosting your event at Shenandoah.